Tanner Wire is a full line value-added distributor and a leader in customer service and custom wire requests.

Our mission is to provide all services related within the wire and cable industry, so you can have the most convenient wire buying experience possible.


We go out of our way to ensure that our customers receive the service and personal attention they deserve. As always, we are committed to being the best supplier in the industry. From identification and installation solutions, to customized packing, shipping, and labeling we will go the extra mile to get you the cable you need, the way you need it. 


Wire Striping

Most specifications limit the number of colors allowed to the ten standard colors. Adding contrasting stripes helps identify the wires when more than 10 conductors are present. Tanner Wire can add up to 3 spiral stripes to most wire insulations, including plastics like PVC, fluoropolymers like PTFE, cross-linked insulations like XLPE, and even nylon jacketed materials like THHN Wire. We can stripe almost any size, from 4/0 to 32 AWG. We also offer ring-band striping, which creates parallel stripes rather than spirals. Look for the striping icon on items that can be striped.



Dyed Wire

A wide variety of wires can be dyed to individual specifications. To help facilitate proper identification of existing or custom installations, Tanner Wire also provides dyeing to custom colors as well as color matching. Look for the paint bucket icon on items that can be dyed.



Ink Jet Printing

Using our ink jet printers, we can custom print your wire with black or white ink at a low cost. Custom text, numbers and even logos can be printed onto the insulation or jacket. We can also add text and/or logos to various types of tubing.



Laser Printing

If you want high quality, permanent text or graphics, choose our laser printing services. In this process, a laser is directed at the cable jacket where it reacts with the material to create markings. Laser printing can be done on Teflon and PVC, but not on untreated polyethylene. This printing method is common for military and aerospace cable.



Hot Stamping

This process is similar to printing. However, hot stamping impacts the surface of the cable, pressing the image into the material for extra durability. Hot stamping can be done on wire and tubing.



Cut & Strip

To help streamline your manufacturing process, Tanner Wire can cut your wire to the specific length you need, whether it is a few inches or a few feet. We can then strip the insulation to your specifications, removing a small section of the insulation material from the conductor it covers. Want the ends tinned? We can do that too.



Custom Lengths

In order to avoid waste, Tanner Wire will custom cut your cable or tubing to the exact length you require.



Twisting and Paralleling

To help facilitate your handling and installation process, Tanner Wire can group single conductor wires into various multi-conductor configurations. This cuts installation time dramatically. Depending on the AWG size, we can group up to fifty conductors.



Triplexing and Quadraplexing

To help facilitate three-phase operations, Tanner Wire will triplex or quadraplex cable to enable you to do single pulls.
Messengers can be added for aerial installations.




Have cable etched to reduce slippage, make surfaces more bondable, and to allow for processing on automatic cutting machines. This process is used to create a rougher, more workable surface on otherwise difficult-to-handle fluoropolymers such as PTFE and FEP. Cables are etched chemically with a sodium solution.




Tanner Wire can add an overall braid to any wire, cable, or twisted wire. Braiding adds physical strength and abrasion resistance, while maintaining flexibility and flex life. Braids can also reduce signal interference. They generally provide 80-95% coverage and can be constructed of bare copper, tinned copper, nickel, or silver.



Tape Jackets

Tanner Wire can add a tape jacket to your cable in order to group individual wires together creating a multi-conductor cable, as well as adding a little extra protection. Choose from Mylar, PTFE, Kapton or Aluminum/Mylar. Tape jackets are also available in a wide range of colors.



Tube Cutting & Marking

Similar to a cable, Tanner Wire tubing can be cut to length and marked to exact specifications.



Termination Solutions

Tanner Wire possesses the capabilities to construct cable to exact termination specifications.



Custom Reel Sizes and Materials

In order to avoid waste, Tanner Wire will custom cut your cable or tubing to the exact length you require.



Drum Packing

Tanner Wire will pack wire and cable in large drums for easy removal later on. Storage capacity in any given Drum can be thousands of feet depending on the gauge of the wire.



Overseas Shipping

Tanner Wire has the ability to customize reels for overseas deliveries. Our export-packaging centers can lag reels over 100 inches in diameter and handle logistical issues with overseas carriers. Need to meet internal or external certification requirements. Tanner Wire offers UL, CSA, RFID, government, and custom labels to meet your specifications. Bar coding is also available.



UL & CSA Labeling

This service allows customers to receive pre-labeled product with UL/CSA tags to meet their internal certification needs.



Custom Shipping Labels

Shipment labeling may be customized to your specifications.



Bar Coding

With the latest technology, Tanner Wire can provide Barcoding if needed on any package. You'll never have to stress again, thanks to our inventory management solutions. Tanner Wire offers Just-In-Time (JIT), Supply the Job, and consignment services to simplify inventory management and save storage space. We also offer kitting, and our own Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. Want to save money? Place blanket orders to lock in current pricing.



Just-In-Time (JIT)

Tanner Wire has a long tradition working with customers by means of Just-In-Time inventory management. JIT is a production philosophy that decreases stock-in-hand, reducing production costs and freeing up valuable floor space. Through constant planning, all materials, parts or finished goods can be received from numerous suppliers and shipped to any number of locations within 24 hours of a request.



Supply the Job

Tanner Wire's supply and inventory programs are designed to meet the daily demands of customers, while simultaneously eliminating the problems and expense of dealing with multiple manufacturers. Tanner Wire will receive, store and break down bulk shipments enabling us to deliver orders composed of items from more than one supplier. We can cut and ship exactly what you need to avoid tolerance overruns and field cutting errors.



Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Let Tanner Wire monitor your inventory for you! When your stock is running low, the VMI system alerts us and we will automatically ship out more. There is no need to contact us to reorder. We offer our own package or we can work with any existing in-house solution you have. With a VMI package and Tanner Wire, you can forget about stock outages and other inventory issues.



Blanket Orders

You can depend on Tanner Wire to keep your products in stock and deliver them in a timely manner. To help alleviate the growing cost of wire and cable, customers may place blanket orders to lock in current prices. Knowing how much wire you will need in the near future and buying it now, will help save money down the line.




Tanner Wire can provide the necessary items to install cable. If a job requires the use of tools and connectors, we will supply these in a separate package. • Decreased stock-outages • Improved inventory turnaround time • Improved delivery performance • Full Inventory Visibility: Search by parts, orders, location, ownership • Highlight Inventory Issues: Spot part shortages, late orders, and other inconsistencie.



Private Label

Need to drop ship, but want your customers to see "your" name?
Tanner Wire can blind ship your order using unmarked boxes and your company's packing slip.